Pinless peepers and horizontal nipple waterers

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    Can hens wearing pinless peepers still use horizontal water nipples?

    I have a problem hen who hates one of my banties to the point she will chase her, pin her (while she's being submissive), and rip out her neck feathers and tear her comb. I've got them separated now, but want to try the peepers before using the stew pot. I've got horizontal nipples on my waterer and want to make sure she could still use the nipples.

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    Yes, they learn to eat and drink with the peepers on. However, the nipples may present a problem if they are at the same level as her head. A chicken wearing peepers doesn't see well straight ahead, but usually has no problem seeing below or above her eye level.

    Keep a close eye on her. I've had a rare case where the hen wearing peepers could not work the vertical nipples I have in my runs, and I ended up having to remove them since she wasn't able to get enough water.
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