Pinless peepers escapades

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    Apr 3, 2009
    Palintowne, Alaska
    So, this is a new adventure, puting pinless peepers on 17 chickens. It started off innocently enough. " Hey Honey, the chickens are pecking each other, will you help me put on the pinless peepers?"
    Well, that's all fine and dandy except our chicken coop is NOT people friendly. It's just tall enough for me to stand up next to the goat barn that the outdoor run's roof is leaning on. I only get about 2 feet of room to stand in, though. Getting through the gate? Impossible. Collecting eggs? Impossible. Catching chickens? Possible,but ony IF you're four feet tall. So anyways, we're in the outdoor run attempting to capture the girls. I still have the battle scars fresh in my mind. I think I will be scarred for life, the images of chickens hopping and popping four feet up just to get away... it haunts me. Me, carrying the pot of hot water with all the innocent peepers waiting to be installed. Yeah, right. Let me tell you, those thing are slippery when wet! My poor husband, he's a city folk that's just learning how to be a rancher, as am I, but I'm a couple steps ahead of him.
    So he captures a chicken, attempts to football hold her, gets papped in the face with a wing, stuffs the wing nuder arm, gets papped with the other wing, repeats process and then finally he's got her. I have him hold her head while I try to install the peepers... Wrong move. He's wearing bulky leather gloves so he deosn't get scratched! Sissy!
    Ok, got the chicken's head, but oops, lost the wings. Feathers flailing and I try to help but the look on my husband's face is so priceless that I can't help but laugh... Ok, gain my composure. Ready the chicken, and install peepers. One, two, AHA! Ok, wait, no... Uh, is that her nostril? I didn't know chickens could honk!?!?
    Ok, leggo... Wait, is it in right? Are you sure? Wiggle it! Ok, she didn't like that. Oh wait, no, it's in right, but she's still honking!! [​IMG]
    Next step... Repeat process, 16 more times...
    Oh man... What the heck did I get myself into?
    Ok, we got them all. Except that one...
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    Aug 5, 2008
    What an ordeal!

    I've found that chickens are darn near impossible to catch out in the open. What I do now is bring them mealworms as treats, then they come to me! [​IMG]

    So how is your flock doing with the peepers?

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