Pinless peepers in the UK - cannibal chicken


Nov 20, 2018
Help does anyone know where I can find a small number of pinless peepers in the UK? I only need 1 or 2 pairs. I ordered some from eBay but they are the pin type and I don’t like the idea of them. I have a very aggressive bird who pecked her last flock mate to death - she has 3 new pullets in with her now but has already torn the vent on one of them so is in solitary until I can find a solution - hoping peepers will be it.
Can anyone help me out as I don’t need the 50 pairs that you can get from amazon!
Also any advice on breaking her aggression - the run is big enough with perches and hanging cabbage and pecking blocks and my small flock get free ranging time most days. It seems since she pecked her last buddy to death she has the taste for flesh


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My Coop
I would personally remove the aggressive bird from the flock.
Ditto Dat!!!^^^
Remove her permanently.

Did you just add the new pullets?
If so, how did you accomplish that?
More info would help....I know you only asked for peepers but seriously doubt that is going to solve this problem.

the run is big enough
Well, maybe... but maybe not.
Dimensions, and pics, of your coop/run would be most helpful here.

Oh, and Welcome to BYC...sorry you're having troubles.

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