Pip - Transsexual(?) Old Dutch Chicken from New Zealand

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    Hello - I'm new to this so apologies in advance for being hopeless on the computer.

    I have kept chickens for 35 years, I love them, I currently have one 8 month old rooster, six ancient hens (all laying bar one) and ...Pip. Pip is an Old Dutch chicken and was given to me as a rescue chicken, along with his sister Rosa and two other hens. When s/he first jumped out of his box, I said 'That's a rooster', the lady who delivered them said she was told they were all hens and that there were no roosters.

    This was about a year ago. At that time, we had an ancient bantam rooster in charge of the hens. He never chased Pip nor challenged him/her, but neither did he show any interest in feeding him/her or dancing at him/her.

    Pip by nature is a very quiet, gentle chicken who likes to be picked up, loves been stroked and who loves to watch himself in the mirror. He is at the bottom of the pecking order, and the only chicken I have seen him/her fight with (puffed up neck and jumping) was sister Rosa, once or twice.

    I have never seen Pip crouch for any chicken, nor any chicken show any sexual curiosity about Pip. Except my new rooster - who seems to view Pip as a rival for his hens, and chases Pip away. Occasionally Pip will run headfirst into nearby bushes and flatten himself out, but not in a crouching way, when the rooster chases him. The rooster will then patrol the bush, but not with any great enthusiasm.

    Pip has never crowed nor laid an egg - to my knowledge anyhow. He has a funny gravelly voice like bolts in a tin can.

    He has decent long sharps spurs, Rosa only has one and it is short and stubby.

    On any pictures of Old Dutch chickens I've seen, he looks like the rooster of the breed, but Rosa looks like the hen.

    I have had a post-menopausal hen before, she crowed at an advanced age and certainly took on the characteristics of a bossy rooster.

    I've also looked after caponised roosters, they continued to crow (but much less), grew rotund and peaceful.

    Anyhow... What do you think?
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    can u post pics of them
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    I have had a post-menopausal hen before, she crowed at an advanced age and certainly took on the characteristics of a bossy rooster. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    If he has pointy feathers on his hackle(neck) and saddle(back), then he is a rooster. If there are 2 or more roosters grouped together, usually only the dominate one crows. He might just be a submissive rooster.

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