Pipping chick.

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    Apr 14, 2010
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    It is almost miraculous. I picked up a brand new Top Hatch and have dealt with all of the temperature woes that comers with one of the machines.

    As of a last candling late last week, of 43 eggs put in 5 had moving chicks with another 5 in a questionable state. It was certainly disheartening to say the least. Well yesterday afternoon I notice one of the questionable eggs had a hole cracking in the side of the shell. This morning the little peep is moving around inside so I know that it at least has a fighting chance. The humidity is running good so I am hoping that when I get home tonight I have a little fluff ball waiting.

    Now if I can only be home in time for the UPS truck to sign for my new incubator. If so I will be playing the waiting game again in about 3 weeks.

    To add. The only good thing about a bad hatch is that it give me an excuse to boost the brooder population with some TSC pullets since we all know that chicks get very lonely in groups of less then 15. Anyone who thinks otherwise should think better of telling my wife [​IMG]

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