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    Sep 30, 2008
    We had a pit bull puppy wander up the other day at my sisters house in Dayton. I brought him home yesterday. I dont know ifin he is full blooded or not as I've never had one before. Gonna take him to the vets today. I think he is in the 6 to 8 week old range. We have two houses side by side. We have a rotweiller dog in the yard at the main house. I am gonna keep him next door. The yard is fenced and all of that. Its the same yard that the chicken coop is going to be built that I have to start building this week. I wonder if I am going to be able to train him to not be aggresive toward the chickens. They are going to have a large run and all of that, I just dont want an aggresive dog trying to kill chickens but I do want the intimidation factor to keep unwanted people thinking there might be something in the yard they want to steal. Can I have both?
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    IMO Bulldogs are very trainable and smart, Even Pitts. Post a pic please.
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    It will all depend on the personality of the dog, not so much the breed. If all else fails, when he gets old enough buy a training collar with a hand held zapper and when he goes near the birds with intent, zap him. He'll learn quick that chickens hurt and won't bother them after that. I trained my neighbors do this way and it worked really well. Last year that dog got over 8 of my birds...this year not even one. The odg won't go anywhere near them:>)[​IMG]
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    Well, Pitbull breed aside, no puppy is safe to be left with chickens. It's just in a puppys' nature to run after anything that moves. So, for at least two years I would not trust your new pup alone with your chickens. During that incredibly important training time be consistent, consistent, consistent. Don't ever let the pup run 'wild' even near the chickens. Don't let the pup 'fixate' on the chickens, always focus his attention away from whatever you don't want him to get into or mess with.

    Some dogs (actually not that many) can be trusted with chickens as adults. There have been so many times on BYC that someone said, "I never believed my dog would kill my chickens - he was always so safe with them." So - just keep that in mind forever.

    Pitbulls are usually very headstrong so you will have to be alfa dog from day one. I suggest you get him and you into puppy training as soon as you can and continue that training for the next couple of years.

    Good luck. I'm glad he found you, sounds like you will give him a great home with good leadership and direction.
  5. Start young! Get the puppy used to the chicks. Also socialize, socialize, socialize! Pit Bulls have it in their breed to be dog aggressive. Start taking the puppy around places where there are lots of other dogs and puppies. I would enroll in a obedience class. Start getting the puppy used to people, and children while he is young. Pit Bulls need strict traning, dont let the puppy get away with any thing. Teach him obedience.

    Take him to spots where there are people of every color, every age, people with babies, little children, elderly people. People using walkers, or canes.
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    Quote:Here are the pics


    Quote:Good idea, thanks

    Question, How do you access the pictures you have uploaded once you have closed the upload page?
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    what a beautiful red nose.
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    Pits are wonderful dogs if they are trained correctly. Yes they are very head strong as are all terrier's. Like a previous post said, you need to be the alpha dog! Introduce the chickens as his babies. This is what we did. We let Titan lick them and smell them and check on them every time we open the cage....but we were in charge. Now he protects them from others and each other. When our rooster gets a little full of himself, T will go stand in the middle of them and everyone calms down. When we got Titan he was already 3yrs old so we did need to use a shock collar a couple of times. But they are very smart dogs.....it wont take long. Introduce him to other dogs too. When our kids all started getting puppies we had them all bring them over often. Now we have 6 dogs running together on family day and everything is fine.

    Introduce, and be the alpha dog always and you will be fine.

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    go to uploads and at the bottom right there is

    my uploads

    click on that to go to your uploads. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yep, there it was right in front of my face. Thanks!


    How old do yall reckon he is? His name is Brutus by the way. He already understands not to jump up on me, I only told him once. He understands to stay out of the garage now, I only told him twice.

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