Pitter and Pumpkin

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    One of my Buff Orpington girls decided to hatch herself some babies a few weeks ago. She had 11 eggs, all marked and everything to avoid staggered egg incubation. Yeah... didn't work. After her hatch (from which she got 6 babies, and is down to 5) there were 4 eggs left in the nest. I candled them and found they were only a week or 2 into development, so I did exactly what I had been trying to avoid, and pulled out the incubator. 1 quit very early on, leaving only 3 eggs. About 2 weeks later, to my complete surprise, out popped a chick. He was little and grey. He was very unsteady and walked on his hocks and he was LOUD. If you have never heard a lonely chick, you will simply not understand. No matter how loud your chicks have ever been, they have never been that loud, unless they were alone. A lonely chick has this sort of megaphone lodged in it's throat.

    He quickly strengthened his legs with some encouragement and vitamin water.


    As surprised as I was when Pitter hatched, multiply that by 5 and that's how surprised I was when I noticed Pumpkin had pipped.

    Pitter stayed faithfully by Pumpkin and gave him lots of encouragement to come out and play.


    He hatched Thanksgiving day, and was a little orange baby, hence the name "Pumpkin". :) He also walked on his hocks at first, but learned quickly, just like Pitter. He's a day younger than Pitter, but towers over him.


    I candled the last egg, expecting to toss it and turn off the incubator, but no, The third chick had internally pipped, and was working on busting out already. I was shocked. :th Little Hobble made his grand entrance on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. He was smaller than Pitter or Pumpkin, and had a bum leg. Try as he might he could not use it for the first several hours after hatching, and I thought he would have to be culled. But Hobble had other plans and quickly adapted to his ailment. I have a video of him walking, but I can't upload it. He took it like a champ and learned how to keep up with Pitter and Pumpkin quickly. Unfortunately, his leg ultimately did him in. He managed to get behind the waterer while I was away, which was in the corner of the brooder, but he slipped and fell, and with only one working leg was unable to get back up. I found him face down in the waterer. :(

    Pitter and Pumpkin are growing and thriving, though, and are enjoying following me around, watching musicals, and accompanying my during chores.

    Here they are, sleeping while I do the laundry. Lazyboned birds.

    And exploring the great outdoors. They love the clover bed.

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    Such sweet chicks! And sorry about Hobble :-(

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