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    Where should I take my chicks when they are sick, have a dieseas, or just need a check-up? I know that Pet Smart has an animal hospital but, I'm not sure if they treat chicks! BTW I live in Virginia! :)

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    The easiest thing to do is to read this emergency forum each day, and find out how to treat your own problems. Read as much as you can in the Learning Center above, get yourself a first aid kit, and learn how to diagnose your own chickens. There are avian vets in some cities who specialize in parrots and pigeons, and exotic birds, but since there is no money in treating chickens, most people have to rely on themselves. If you post of BYC (better in the daytime to get answers) many people ill see posts in the emergency forum and try to help. You can take the advice or not, since everyone can answer you. Here is a good list of common diseases and treatments--if you memorize a lot of this it may help:
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    I totally agree with the above post - the best thing is to do a lot of research, then through trial and error you get to become a chicken expert by default. You can check around and see if there are any "all creatures" type vets around your area. I live rurally, so there is a practice within 20 miles that will treat chickens, goats, etc. But that being said, it's $70 just to walk in the door. I had an emergency with my alpaca, and treating him came with a $1500 price tag. (Totally worth it though, he's the sweetest alpaca on the planet - thank god for credit cards). As much as I love them, there's no way I can afford that type of $ to treat a chicken.... This forum absolutely rocks for medical information. I don't know what I would do without it.
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    Yep-- what they said. The best resource you have is yourself, for the most part. That said, sometimes there is nothing like a knowledgeable vet, and if you can afford it it can save your bird's life if they are a loved pet.

    You can find an avian vet here:
    Note that most vets are NOT qualified to see birds, and may only know the very basics (they may well know less than some of the members here). So, if you decide to see a vet, make sure they specalize in avians/birds.
    Banifeld at Petsmart is not a good place to go for exotics, which means anything other than a cat or dog, really. While there are a few gems there, they are not really the best veterinary organization (I used to work at Petsmart).

    Another resource is to see if you have a state vet. This is usually part of the agricultural extension office. It might be worth a call to see if there is a poultry expert, if they are close enough for you.
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    You will probably do a better job than vets, because many never even had any experience with chicks at all.

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