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I'm trying to find the least expensive place to stay in or around Nashville during the week of June 14 - 19 to take part in a really neat program. They have rooms at the Comfort Inn for 109 a night, but if I could find something for less it would be great. Since it is quite a drive a good part of my stipend will be taken up with gas.
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You might find a place in a nearby town if you don't mind driving in / out of Nville daily. Try Hendersonville, or maybe even Clarksville. If you don't mind driving 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. to get there, you could stay here with us in Paducah.

ETA: try a proximity search or pick a hotel chain & ask for all locations within a ___ mile drive of Nashville; that should turn up several options. BY ALL MEANS, avoid the Best Western in Nashville proper... been there twice (second time was a mistake; thought it was a different one! ) all i can say is eww... yuk.
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Wow, I wish I could stay with you guys but that would take up so much of the day traveling. We start early on these projects but I sure appreciate the offer!
I get my coupons for hotel discount thru You might try try looking for something like that too. I have stayed at Super 8 and Pear Tree ( part of Drury Inn) for about $45 a night.

The other website is Worth a try.
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