placing chicks for broody hen- how old the chicks?

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    Aug 3, 2010
    The hen has been sitting on 8 eggs for 18 days. This is her first time going broody. It should hatch within this week. I have a bad feeling that the eggs will not hatch.
    If the eggs did not hatch, I am going to place some little chicks for her.
    I will try to find chicks that is 1-3 days old for her. If I cannot find chicks that young, can I put chick that is 4-7 days old?
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    Candle the eggs. At this point, they should be pretty solid and completely dark inside except the air sack. If they are light throughout, they are duds. All you csan do is try on the adopt-a-chick idea. Just see if she will take the older ones, if that is all you can find. I would call around now and see when your local feed stores will be getting new chicks. It won't hurt her to sit on duds a few more days while you rustle up some chicks.
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    Maybe. It is very possible that the hen will accept them, but it is also possible she will not. The younger the better. I'd just stick them under her at night and see what happens. You will probably want to be ther ewhen she wakes up in the morning to intervene if necessary and you should be prepared to brood them yourself if things go bad, but I think your odds of success are fairly good.

    Don't give up on the eggs in the nest too easily. Even with a broody, they can be a day or two late.

    Good luck!!!
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    Nov 8, 2009
    psst.. I had that "Very bad feeling" that none of my broody hens' eggs would hatch... I've 22 chicks running around now. Just a bit of encouragement!

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