Plagiocephaly/flat head band superhero/villain decorating?


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Mar 17, 2008
Northern NY
Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. My son had an appointment yesterday and will have to be getting a cranial band in 12 days. His head is 13mm off due to having a tight neck muscle and kept sleeping on one side even if we moved his head. I'm not sure what shape the helmet will be in but I picked a ugly light blue. All the designs and colors were ugly so I want to decorate it myself.

We were thinking of doing a Captain America theme with the white wings and the A on the front since the band will be the light blue. Our son's name also starts with an A. I'm just not a fan of him and still think it would be plain to look at for 3-6 months. I was thinking of painting the whole thing a different color and do a superhero/villain theme with it.

I'm stumped on how to paint it other than to cover the parts I don't want painted and to use acrylic paint. I don't know what to cover the paint with, how to apply stickers/decals over it, and I would like if possible a nice glossy finish. What do you coat everything with that is safe? I want to paint it in the first week before he has it on 23 hours a day. Most of the first week he doesn't have to wear it at night.

I'd be happy also for any ideas of what superhero/villain to theme it off of. I almost thought of painting it a nice silver with white wings on the sides for Thor or maybe a TMNT color with the eyes on the front and a drawing of the tied part in the back. Not sure if you have seen this website. They sell a bunch of vinyl decals, under their application instructions they recommend using “Mod Podge” brush on to seal it. another link where they use acrylic paint & varnish.
A friend of mines daughter wore one, they used a lot of stickers and actually changed them to match what she wore a lot of times.
We had to have his head scanned again after the insurance approved it. My husband went with me and picked out the carbon fiber pattern. Now trying to debate on what type of stickers to put on it. Makes me think of Batman armor so maybe a gold logo on it or the letter A.
Definitely They have such great ideas for things like this. This may be a different material, but I've also used stickers for walls with sites like and I'm just not sure if either would handle custom stickers like what you're looking for. They should though. I love the superhero theme. Captain America or Batman would be adorable.

Good luck with what you're going through.

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