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  1. We have chickens and my husband and I both love them. He said, if I was going to have the chickens, they would have to stay in the chicken house, I wanted them to free range. Eventually they were free ranging. Then, when I wanted Guineas, he said he didn't want them.....but he brought it up again a few weeks later, then went to a neighbor and brought me home two males and two females. He has reluctantly agreed to the first incubator, then the second one that I use as a hatcher, and he then said, what are we going to do with them, we are NOT keeping them in the house. I didn't want them in the house either....but....they're I have 10 two week old keets doing wonderfully in a brooder in one of my guest rooms [​IMG].

    In all reality, though.....thanks to the info I have gleaned here and some other research, I have talked it over with my husband, and he offered to completely close in one of the stalls in our barn with hardware cloth and make some shelves with enclosures and lamps for the babies. So, I can keep breeding guineas, keeping them separate from our chicken coop, and making it so they are safe from predators but are still not in the house. There will be all that room for the guineas to come in at night, and to be around the babies, and be penned in if I need them to be (bad weather, laying, etc).

    Love that husband of mine.
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    Yep he's a KEEPER! You go girl! Congrats on your plan [​IMG]
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    WOOHOO!!! Go You!!! [​IMG]

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