plan on using Sevin to spray coop and garden & poultry dust to dust chickens

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    Jul 15, 2013
    I figure to use these 2 things for my coop and chickens. To me they would be safe to eat the eggs. I would wait till the coop was dry after letting it dry from the Sevin spray. The chickens will be outside while the coop dries. I will be dusting the chickens as the coop dries. With the garden and poultry dust putting it on the chickens. Eating the eggs should be safe. No withdrwll period should be needed as you wash your plants off in the garden to eat them after the dust is on them. I would wash the eggs off also. Or should I wait?
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    What are you trying to accomplish with the Sevin application?
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    Jul 15, 2013
    The application will be used to kill any bugs that are inside the chicken coop. The wall of the coop are made of wood slats that don't come completely together tightly. Their is a very small place that are with each board. My husband did insulate the coop. The insulation is behind the boards. This is more of a precaution than anything. I want to do a complete job. With the two applactions of both products. I feel it will be one. My chickens have been looking perty scraggly lately and I need to do something
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    It is fairly easy to determine whether or not your chickens have lice or mites. Lice have white balls of eggs at the base of feathers, and are tiny tan bugs that are fast moving. Mites leave brown specks of dirt on the skin, and are slow moving tiny bugs. Some only come on chickens at night, while others may be seen during the day.
    I would only treat if there is an infestation. It is a lot of work, and has to be repeated every 7 to 10 days at least twice depending on which you are treating.
    Permethrin is a better product to use with less side effects. Seven works well, and I have used it in the garden and on chickens for years, but it can cause cancer and should be used with care. Permethrin is safer for humans and chickens.
    Both products cost money to use, but unless there is a problem, I would not treat.
    Avoid bringing in new chickens that have not been checked for lice and mites, and straw and hay can harbor mites when brought in. Both are good ways to bring in those parasites. Be cautious using pesticides in coops, since bees may carry them back to hives killing others.

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