Planning a breeding regime need advice


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Mar 17, 2009
Hi all,I have a few serama and would like to breed them on a small scale but like to know exactly who are the parents to each particular chick,My idea is to keep them in pairs but what I would like to know is when I want to change them around,how long do I discard any eggs as belonging to the previous rooster,and would it be easy to swap them round or would they fight.Another question is I have a small flock of modern game but only one cockerel,the hens are in two pens, can I alternate the cockerel on weekly intervals,would the eggs be fertile assuming the cockerel was doing his job,Hope these questions dont sound too silly but I am very new to poultry Thanks


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Feb 12, 2009
Pike Co., GA & Palm Beach Co., FL
Hi tingle. The pullets in your modern game pens will be fertile for a minimum of 2 weeks. After that fertility drops considerably.

Single mating(one hen, one rooster) is used widely by breeders. To identify your birds you should leg or wing band each one and keep exemplary records. To be absoluetely sure that your hens are free from the influence of their previous mate, it is best to wait at least one month before new hatching eggs are saved.

While it is true that some chickens(male & female) just do not like each other, chances of your roosters and hens fighting are slim and moving your individuals from mate to mate should not be a problem. The rub might come if you introduce a young rooster to an older hen before he is mature and secure in his manhood.

I cannot stress enough the importance of accurate and thorough records. I`ve done this for years and I`m sure you will enjoy the results. Good luck........Pop

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