Planning cross country trip 2012, June/July: Looking for interesting

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    Hello chicken fans: It has been a while since I have been here but things are going well with our city chickens since you all were so supportive a couple of years ago:

    We are on to another project......I will try to keep it brief. Next summer my family of four will travel cross country in a vintage airstream camper gathering material for our 2nd book. And I am sorting out all the possible events and locations. We really want to make one to two chicken, home farming, localvore, etc stops along the way.

    Now for some background....also I will keep it short. Last summer my ten year old son came to me asking to be healthier. We decided what healthy meant to us. Now with about 200 youtube videos, 2 appearances live on CNN, a guest appearance on the Nate Berkus show, meeting Chef Jamie Oliver and a book contract.....we are looking towards book number 2.

    The overall idea is about getting back t basics. Not just in our food choices but being a family again and participating together.

    Please share with me any specific events you may know of during those two months. If not an event, perhaps a particular farm(er) that strikes you, or a wonderful farmers market. Etc.

    For more information on what we have been up to you can check out our website,

    Thank you and maybe we will see you next year [​IMG]

    P.S. we are also creating a game called FreeSeedsForSchools that teaches youth health and nutrition while earning seeds for schools that want to start gardens!
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    Cool! Are you looking for places to stop? What is the starting point, and destination?
    We have driven cross country many times, and love to tell people where to go (and avoid)!
    I'm at work now, will try to get info for you later on tonite. Roberta
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    You could check out the Amish community North of Independece, Iowa. Independence Community School District also has a nationally recognized Farm to School program through its lunch program. The Amana Colonies in Iowa also has a unique history.

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