Planning for the Kid's Club Southern NM State Fair, suggestions?

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    Ok,, I'm making some plans for the Kid's Club to enter the Southern New Mexico State Fair,, hereafter known as SNMSF lol,, It is going to be Sept. 29 - Oct 3, so they really don't have a long time to work on things. One of the kids brought me the handbook today lol!! They are in a hurry!

    These are the categories they can enter,, I have to narrow them down and come up with things for them to do to enter. I can't find anywhere in there that means quilting,, unless I'm just oblivious and missing it. There is a quilting area for over 19 I found in another section. Do think it would fall under Misc.? I've emailed to find out,, but can you guys give me suggestions for easy sewing they could enter with? I'm thinking aprons, wall hangings, vest, stuff like that? Some want to enter cooking too,,,
    Sewing and crochet etc. categories they can enter:

    High Point Sewing Trophy and $15.00 will be given for Lot 13,14, &15 combined.
    Sponsored by Rod & Mary Lou Tharp
    Special Rules: All entries must be fashioned of 100% cotton fabric. Linings and trim may be of other
    Awards will be given by the N.M. Cotton Wives for the most outstanding entry and two runners up.
    Awards: 1st - Trophy & $25.00; 2nd - $15.00; 3rd - $10.00.
    Y 1301. Dress Y 1305. Man’s or boy’s shirt Y 1309. Jumper
    Y 1302. Blouse Y 1306. Sportswear Y 1310. Vest
    Y 1303. Skirt Y 1307. Sleepwear (robe/gown or Pjs) Y 1311. Miscellaneous
    Y 1304. Slacks or shorts Y 1308. Suit

    Sponsored by Rod & Mary Lou Tharp
    Special Rules: All entries must be fashioned of at least 50% cotton. Linings and trims may be of
    other fabrics. Awards will be given by the N.M. Cotton Wives for the outstanding entry and two runners
    up. Awards: 1st - $25.00 & trophy; 2nd - $15.00; 3rd - $10.00.
    Y 1401. Dress Y 1405. Man’s or boy’s shirt Y 1409. Jumper
    Y 1402. Blouse Y 1406. Sportswear Y 1410. Vest
    Y 1403. Skirt Y 1407. Sleepwear (robe/gown or PJ) Y 1411. Miscellaneous
    Y 1404. Slacks or shorts Y 1408. Suit

    Lot Winner $20.00; Runner-Up $10.00 Must be sewn (not glued) and must be made of fabric.
    Exception would be a leather garment.
    Y 1501. Street length dress, school, or casual Y 1512. Suit (Jacket w/Skirt, Pants, Dress)
    Y 1502. Street length dress, dress up Y 1513. Pajamas, Robe or Gown
    Y 1503. Long dress, casual Y 1514. Jumper
    Y 1504. Long dress, dress up Y 1515. Vest
    Y 1505. Two piece or more, outfit, casual Y 1516. Apron
    Y 1506. Two piece or more, outfit, dress up Y 1517. Jumpsuit
    Y 1507. Skirt Y 1518. Tote Bag
    Y 1508. Blouse or Shirt Y 1519. Backpack
    Y 1509. T-Shirt Y 1520. Costume
    Y 1510. Slacks, Shorts or Trouser Y 1521. Home Improvement Item
    Y 1511. Coat or Jacket Y 1522. Miscellaneous
    Lot Winner $20.00; Runner-Up $10.00
    Note: Two entries per class.
    Y 1601. Decorated T-shirt Y 1605. Other Small Item
    Y 1602. Decorated Sweatshirt Y 1606. Other Large Item
    Y 1603. Two Piece Y 1607. Tye Dyeing
    Y 1604. Home Improvement Items Y 1608. Miscellaneous
    Declare if original work, when entering.
    Lot Winner $20.00; Runner-Up $10.00
    Y 1701. Small article (using one stitch) Y 1704. Large article (vest, shawl etc. using two or
    Y 1702. Small article (using two or more stitches)
    more stitches) Y 1705. Mittens, socks or hat, etc.,
    Y 1703. Large article (vest, sweater, shawl, etc. (using four needles)
    using one type of stitch) Y 1706. Miscellaneous
    Y 1707. Small article of clothing (shirt, purse, scarf, vest, etc.) Y 1710. Embroidery sampler
    Y 1708. Small article for your home (pillow top, picture, etc.) Y 1711. Miscellaneous
    Y 1709. Crewel embroidery - small article
    Y 1712. Crochet-small article Y 1714. Crochet-using granny squares
    Y 1713. Crochet-large article Y 1715. Miscellaneous
    Y 1716. One small article Y 1720. Petite point-large article (e.g. picture)
    (eye glass cover, belt, pin cushion, etc.) Y 1721. Plastic Canvas needlepoint-small article
    Y 1717. One large article Y 1722. Plastic Canvas
    needlepoint-large article Y 1723. Miscellaneous
    (picture, book cover, pillow top, etc.)
    Y 1718. Needlepoint sampler
    Y 1719. Petite point-small article (pin cushion, etc.)
    Y 1724. 1- Small Article Y 1725. 1-Large Article Y 1726. Rope Craft Y 1727. Miscellaneous
    Y 1728. Cross-stitch (small article) Y 1734. Weaving Y 1740. Trapunto
    Y 1729. Cross-stitch (large article) Y 1735. Ojo (Stitch and stuff)
    Y 1730. Counted cross-stitch (small article) Y 1736. Punch Work Y 1741. Decorated Barrette
    Y 1731. Counted cross-stitch (large article) Y 1737. Machine Embroidery Y 1742. Macramé
    Y 1732. Chicken scratch Y 1738. Appliqué Y 1743. Miscellaneous
    Y 1733. Hooked item (rug, pillow etc.) Y 1739. Smocking

    Cooking categories they can enter:

    Lot Winner $20.00; Runner-Up $10.00. The Ellen Feagan Memorial Award - Hi-Point Trophy and
    $15.00 Entries MUST BE in regulation jars. Two different kinds of entries in each class will be
    accepted. *More than 2 different kinds may be entered.
    Y 501. Peaches Y 510. Corn, whole kernel Y 519. Sour Pickles Y 528. Fruit Butter
    Y 502. Pears Y 511. Corn, Creamed Y 520. Sweet Pickles Y 529. Juices
    Y 503. Apricots Y 512. Carrots Y 521. Relish Y 530. Chile Powder*
    Y 504. Apples Y 513. Peas Y 522. Pickles, Misc. Y 531. Jerky*
    Y 505. Cherries Y 514. Tomatoes Y 523. Jelly Y 532. Dried Fruit (in jar)*
    Y 506. Fruit, Misc. Y 515. Squash, summer Y 524. Jam Y 533. Dried Vegetables*
    Y 507. Beets Y 516. Squash, winter Y 525. Preserves Y 534. Miscellaneous
    Y 508. Beans, String Y 517. Bread & Butter Pickles Y 526. Salsa
    Y 509. Beans, Other Y 518. Dill Pickles Y 527. Marmalade
    Two different kinds of entries in each class will be accepted. Baked items will be accepted in disposable
    or give away containers only. No refrigerated items will be accepted. All baked good entries are
    to be made from scratch. (No Mixes) Baked goods will be auctioned off during the Home Economics
    and Youth Department Bake Sale. Money received will be used for awards, department improvements
    and the fair in general. The Baked Goods auction will be Wednesday of the Fair week.
    All Baked Goods Lot Winners $20.00; Runners-Up $10.00
    Hi-Point Trophy and $15.00 will be given by Barker Produce.
    There must be the correct number of items per entry or they will not be judged.
    The Blue Ribbon Baker Award is chosen from all Best of Lot food entries. An independent judge will
    pick the winner. A Rosette and engraved silver tray will be awarded at the Bake Sale.
    Y 601. Nut Bread (1 loaf) Y 701. Drop-Chocolate (12) Y 801. White (1 loaf)
    Y 602. Fruit Bread (1 loaf) Y 702. Drop-Oatmeal (12) Y 802. Whole wheat or part whole
    Y 603. Vegetable Bread (1 loaf) Y 703. Drop-Other (12) wheat (1 loaf)
    Y 604. Biscuits (12) Y 704. Rolled or Cut Out (12) Y 803. French (1 loaf)
    Y 605. Muffins (12) Y 705. Cookie Press Y 804. Rolls, Buns or Pretzels (12)
    Y 606. Cornbread (12 or 1 loaf) or Spritz (12) Y 805. Sweet Rolls (6 individual)
    Y 607. Tortillas (12) Y 706. Refrigerator) Y 806. Coffeecake (1 whole)
    Y 608. Cake Doughnuts (12) or Sliced (12) Y 807. Doughnuts (12)
    Y 609. Coffeecake (1whole) Y 707. Brownies (12) Y 808. Miscellaneous (1 whole or 12)
    Y 610. Miscellaneous Y 708. Bars (12)
    Y 709. Shaped or Molded (12)
    Y 710. Miscellaneous (12)
    Y 901. Chocolate Y 909. Filled
    Y 902. Spice Y 910. Pound
    Y 903. White Y 911. Sponge
    Y 904. Yellow Y 912. Upside-down
    Y 905. Vegetable (carrot, etc.) Y 913. Gingerbread
    Y 906. Angel or chiffon Y 914. Fruit Cake
    Y 907. Cupcakes (12) Y 915. Bundt
    Y 908. Torte Y 916. Miscellaneous
    LOT 10 – PIES AND PASTRIES No cream, custard or refrigerator pies will be accepted.
    Y 1001. Fruit Y 1005. Cobbler (1 whole)
    Y 1002. Berry Y 1006. Tarts (6)
    Y 1003. Apple Y 1007. Turnovers or Empanadas(6)
    Y 1004. Pecan Y 1008. Miscellaneous
    LOT 11-CANDY
    Y 1101. Divinity (12) Y 1110. Mints (12)
    Y 1102. Fudge (12) Y 1111. Penouche (12)
    Y 1103. Caramel (12) Y 1112. Lollipops and Hard Candy (12)
    Y 1104. Fondant (12) Y 1113. Popcorn Balls (12)
    Y 1105. Truffles (12) Y 1114. Taffy (12)
    Y 1106. Compound and Barks (12) Y 1115. Toffee (12)
    Y 1107. Nut Brittle (12) Y 1116. Pralines (12)
    Y 1108. Nougats (12) Y 1117. Miscellaneous (12)
    Y 1109. Glazed Nuts (12)
    Y 1201. Decorated cake. Judged on appearance only, however, MUST be edible and presented on a
    sturdy board no larger than 1 inch surrounding the item.
    Y 1202. Novelty Cookies (12)
    Y 1203. Gingerbread House (all edible)
    Y 1204. Miscellaneous
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    pillow cases!! those are easy to sew and embellish, and you can embroider on them too..also, throw pillows..handkerchiefs, sachets, pot holders, etc.
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    That is a great suggestion thank you!

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