Planning my run, need some help/ideas/pictures!

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    Mar 9, 2011
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    I've been scouring the pictures in the coop section and trying to come up with ideas for our run. We are looking to create a 10' X 18' run. The problem I have is that the ground is not level through the whole run area. I found some 1"x3" fencing I want to use that is 6' tall (I will add a smaller gauge hardware cloth along the bottom few feet and as an apron). I will be covering the top with deer netting, or something similar to deter the hawks (my ladies will be secured in the coop at night).

    My original plan was to build individual wire covered panels and attach them to posts set every 6-8 feet. Now I'm wondering if I should just set my posts so the tops are at an even height, run some 2x4s across the top to secure the top of the fencing to, cutting/folding the bottom to meet the ground, then securing more 2x4s along the bottom at the angel of the ground (either behind or over the fencing). The fencing is 6' tall, so that would mean my tallest point would be 6' and slope down to 5' at the shortest point (which is also the point furthest from the coop).

    My father will be helping me some on my project, but he's a contractor and super busy in the warmer months, so I'm trying to save his help for the things I really can't do by myself. I'm hoping this is something I can do by myself as long as I plan it well.

    Anyone else working with uneven ground? What was your trick to get around it? Pictures would be great!

    Here's a look at the run area, it will be to the right of the shed door. The ground slopes up toward the apple tree in the background, the run will be 10' wide in that direction and 18' deep along the right side of the shed.

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