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May 21, 2020
Im in the process of planning my new coop. Im tempted to buy plans from etsy for hubby to follow but before I did figured I would post here.

We want to build a coop similar to the one pictured. we want to be able to walk into both the coop and the run.
Does anyone have a similar coop they would be willing to share pics of Hubby and I are new to coops and want to make sure we build best coop we can for the girls.


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My Coop
My Coop
Paste the thread from my signature. It sounds like what I did is what you want. Wasn’t hard, but took some time.

PS. I wanted to make it a link, but couldn’t get that done.
Think you need a PF membership to put links in signature.
You can paste a link in posts that goes directly to your coop article.

You could also put the link in your 'Account Details' under 'My Coop' so it shows up under your avatar.

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