Planning our first chicken coop!

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  1. Suziechick

    Suziechick Out Of The Brooder

    Sep 14, 2011
    Matt and I have decided to build a small coop and run for 3-4 chickens. We would like to do this as "green" as we can. We have been watching Craig's List and we are going to check out H4H. Do you have any other suggestions? Matt is a contractor, so some materials we will be able to salvage from jobsites...just not a whole lot going on right now though.
  2. TigerLilly

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    Jul 18, 2010
    Central Florida
    That's a great idea. I've heard that if you go to the dump (at least in my area), they send construction materials to a separate section. Don't know if they charge for taking stuff OUT of the dump, but if I don't find something on CL, H4H or yard sales, I'm seriously considering checking out the dump!
  3. Suziechick

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    Sep 14, 2011
    I'll have to call our local dump and find out! I know there is a website where contractors in SoCal can donate/get materials. We've never managed to get it in time. Stuff is picked up so quickly!
  4. UncleTommy

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    Jul 19, 2011
    Sanger, CA
    Hooray! My brother, sister and I build our coop as cheaply as possible, we built a 6x4 coop with an enclosed 11x11 pen for about $70. My sister had alot of 2x4s, 2x8 and chain link lying around. We found some cheap mats of craigslist, got alot of 2x4 welded wire fence. It was all cheap, but it was tough getting all these weird sized pieces to fit together. When we did buy mats (off CL really cheap), it was so much easier. If i could go back I would just make the coop 8ft long since most plyboard sheets are 8x4 and you can get 2x4x8s really easy, for like 2 bucks at home depot. I'm now in the process of adding 4 ft to the coop and doubling the build it bigger if possible(chicken math is real).

    Good luck
  5. La Frittata Casa

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    Sep 18, 2011
    You can Google "pallet chicken coops" and just start to get an idea of what is possible. Since your husband is a builder, he can make it look nicer with less. I am almost done building my coop, having used some pallet pieces. salvaged wood, either free, scrounged or from Habitat's reStore. I made regular stops at Habitat, lucky they are only two blocks away so stopping 2-3 times a week was not inconvienent. (I also furnished almost my entire kitchen from the reStore) It did take me about three weeks to get everything I needed. The screws and two hinges from Ace Hardware are what cost me the most as they were new. I also found free chicken wire, but I will want more as time allows to build a bigger and prettier run, that won't be until spring most likely.

    Good luck, have fun!
  6. MamiPollo

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    Mar 6, 2011
    My Coop
    You might also try freecycle. Sometimes people have a shed or something on their property they will be happy for you to come tear down and take away.

    I built my coop out of an old metal shed. It was very inexpensive and highly predator proof.

    I think your idea is great and I can't wait to see what you come up with!
  7. OneTenthAcreAndAChicken

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    Sep 10, 2011
    San Diego
    Hi - Somebody already mentioned pallets, and I think you can find some interesting designs that use those. Another idea is to look around for stuff on craigslist that can be converted. Some people get rid of some pretty big play houses or dog houses that might work. Or sheds - metal? Rubbermaid?

    In our community, Habitat for Humanity has a resale store. There are lots of building supplies there as well as miscellaneous bits of hardware and cabinetry.

    There should be quite a few options for 3-4 chickens...
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  8. fireguy56

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    Oct 2, 2010
    Slidell, Louisiana
    Hi, Not sure as to what part of the country you guy's are in, but if near a big city, try finding any place that recieves items in large shipping crates. I.E,. glass, marble, granite, heavy equipment, motorcycles, machinery, etc... Most crates are usually 2" x 4" s and plywood. Some quite large. Alittle work to disassemble, but lot's of good materials can be gotten from them. Just a thought. Good luck.

  9. Suziechick

    Suziechick Out Of The Brooder

    Sep 14, 2011
    We are part of San Diego County.
  10. Hawkeye95

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    yes, as a PP mentioned.. Habitat's ReStore is a great resource! It's cheap, it's mostly all used (some of it is new).. They have windows, doors, locks, hinges, cabinets, lighting fixtures, knobs, and whatever else comes in when houses are remodeled, torn down, etc. I bought my windows there for $5 a piece! They were just wood sashes, but even the nicer vinyl windows are only about $20 and on up.. Compared to a new window at $70 a piece. Hope you find some great deals and have fun! [​IMG]

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