Planning the next coopS ... I'm sooo hooked

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    Sep 28, 2009
    Eastern Shore, VA
    Well I got my first chicks in November. And I was in love from the first peeps in the post office. DBF was not so enamored, but he was understanding and always willing to help when I asked.

    In my head I've been planning for my next coop, as I'm hoping to get at least 6 more chicks this spring (they're like potato chips lol). But with those additions means I need another coop. I currently have an A-frame (that I've posted on here). And while it's a great coop, especially when it's pointed out that it was free, it's full of design flaws that I really am starting to dislike. The doors are setup so that I have no access to the easiest places to put waterers and feeders; I can't easily reach everywhere in the coop; and it is impossible to reach 80% of the underneath part of the run (picture me climbing in the coop to reach through the hatch to snatch reluctant chickies, who know how to use the ramp but are pretending they don't [​IMG]). So I definitely have a few things that are high on my list for the new coop.

    DBF is a carpenter, so I've been trying to pick his brain without overwhelming him with the idea of a much bigger flock. Well fast forward to a few weeks ago. I bought some plastic fence to enlarge the run for the chickies during the day. DBF helped me put it up and smiled as he watched them flap their wings as they ran all over the new run. Well Monday he totally surprised me. I was sitting in the sunshine in the run watching the chicks run around. He started asking me questions about what I would change about the coop, what dimensions I would have liked, etc. Then he says "I've been thinking about laying the next one out like this ..." I almost fell off the bucket I was sitting on. [​IMG] He's been planning the next coop!

    So after listening to his great ideas I told him what I'd been planning. I'd collected 8 pallets from around town that I was planning on basically screwing together and adding plywood. I told him what I had pictured, and he listened and made suggestions. And then said "Well we can do both..." I was speechless ... so I took him to his favorite place for lunch, the local mexican place. Best way to a man's heart and whatnot [​IMG]

    He's now started asking about how to raise ducks (which I'm very excited about), pheasants, and quail. I really can't believe this ... oh the powers of fuzzy butts! [​IMG]

    Soooo .... now to the real point of my post. Haha! We managed to get loads of free metal, it's the metal roofing variety, and a very pretty green. I went over and looked at the first load this evening and it got me thinking (and DBF is at a conference so I can't pick his brain again). Can I use the metal sheets as walls in the coop? We don't get terribly cold winters, and really does the plywood in the A-frame I have now insulate more than the metal would?

    Let me know what y'all think [​IMG]
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    Aug 15, 2009
    Hi......DBF sounds like a sweetie !! I can tell you be careful with using too much tin...we have an RV and they heat up really quick and freeze really quick. I always think of it as nothing but a huge tin can.
    I started with 6 RIR last Aug and then ordered some others from Ideal for I've ordered 20 baby ducks from Holderreads for mid - March and am just sitting here waiting to hear from the PO as Holderreads shipped my pair of Black Silky Ducks out last night. YES!!! It's all soooooo addicting. At least with potato chips you can toss the bag out and try and get some control ! Not with these little fuzz babies. I keep telling mine they have the cutest fuzzy panties out there. I sound like a chicken pervert but I just get a kick out of their rears.
    Good luck and enjoy !
    Rochester, MA
  3. gryeyes

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    Wouldn't it kind of suck to attach various things like roosts to the walls? And wouldn't it get terribly much more hot in the direct sun than wood???? (Remembering slides I've slid down, wearing shorts.)

    P.S. I got my first chicks in October and I am SO hooked. I just spec'd out a list of materials for my third coop. I made an A-Frame and yes, everything you've mentioned is exactly what I find wrong with mine. I bought a 2nd coop, and while I have access to every part of it, it's SHORT. I want a hen house that I can walk into, even if it's got a door through which I'll have to duck slightly. I'm working on modifying plans for a 4x8 coop, 4 ft tall on one side, 6 fit tall on the other, with the people door on one of the slanted sides.

    Had to build it out of cardboard, first, to see if it was doable. Scale model. Lots of clear tape holding it together. Shoulda seen me making the nest boxes and taping them inside on the wall! Added a cut-out with a hatch so I could reach IN for the eggs through that wall, though. Well, if I was 10.5 centimeters tall....
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  4. Chic-n-farmer

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    I'd say he's a keeper! [​IMG]
  5. Dixiedoodle

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    Apr 14, 2007
    LOL-- Isn't it wonderful when our loved ones help us with our addictions [​IMG] !!!! He's a keeper...
  6. Airilith

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    Sep 28, 2009
    Eastern Shore, VA
    He is most definitely a keeper.

    And I hadn't thought of the tin can/heat problem. I wonder if that can be managed with extra ventilation.

    The roosts shouldn't be too hard. I'd have to use 2x4s (or something similar) for framing to attach the metal to. I could just screw the roosts to the frame, right?

    I like the cardboard model idea. You should see how many sketches we have laying around, both handdrawn and digital. Too bad most of them are half finished or scribbled all over. Haha.

    We are planning on building at least one of the next two off the ground, like the A-frame I have. I liked the idea of hardware-clothing the run part underneath the coop as a predator-proof run that can be left open more often. Is it really that bad not being able to walk into the coop? I hadn't considered that as a potential flaw.
  7. lauriruth

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    AIRILIFT, depends on how old and nimble you are! i have a catawba coop that i built 3 months ago and it is soooo difficult to get all the "stuff" in/out of the bottom. not to mention it weighs at least 150lbs. i'm 62 and have already started on a "walk-in" coop for spring.
  8. Airilith

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    Sep 28, 2009
    Eastern Shore, VA
    Ok I thought of another question. For the run, I'm thinking about using that welded wire stuff. Not the hardware cloth, but the cattle panel type fencing. The tallest I've seen is 48". So if I want to make the run taller than that (I was thinking 5'-6' so I could just attach it to the top of the coop) how do you attach the two pieces of fencing to each other?

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