Planting a Chicken Garden


10 Years
Dec 27, 2011
Southern PA
I looked at the past threads on this topic and noticed that there has not been a fresh one in a while...

I am expecting my first chickens next week!!!
And I am looking forward to planting some things in my vegetable garden that they could enjoy. Any suggestions would be welcome!

I am already doing the following (among other things) that I think they will enjoy:

cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, various types of lettuce (which I may have planted too late), watermelon

Finally, if I grow sunflowers, can I just cut the whole head off and put it in the run for them to enjoy? Or do I have to remove the seeds?

Really looking forward to what you have to say...
Good idea, I think most chickens enjoy whatever grows in a garden! I'm working on ways to keep them out of it! But there are plants I grow just to give them variety in the yard, ESP different clovers. (Oh! You mean give them from the garden, haha!) I don't know about sunflowers and where you live, but the goldfinches will hang off it and eat the seeds on the plant. I can't keep any berries on a plant lower than 2 feet,

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