planting grass in the coop ?


10 Years
Jan 16, 2010
well hello again guys second post for the evening but i had a thougth and now a question. i was remembering some commercials on super grass or somethin and they did a test agains t some other grass seeds and grass seed will grown on anything basicaly so can i like put a tiny bit of soil spread in my coop add grass seed and plant them in there ? I fi put chickens in there they will main tain it right like pick at the grass probably keep it in line a bit and provide them with a natural bedding also thy would fertilize it themseleves rite ? So i'm not usre if theiuss may work but what do you think.. i just had a thought hought i'd ask
Hi! I have my chickens on grass with a movable coop/run gizmo. I have seven 2 1/2 month olds currently in a 16'x7' coop. They pretty decimate the grass in there in about 3 to 4 days if I leave them in one spot that long! In a couple of month they will move to their "Big Girl Coop" (currently under construction) which is 50'x50' and divided into 2 compartments so they can use one and let the other "rest" I hope they don't go through that one as fast...but we'll see. Keep us posted on your success!
the chickens will just clear the site, once all the green is gone, they start scratching for grubs and digging up the roots, I had a dozen ten week old chick out on the lawn for two days over the weekend and the lawn is already looking worse for wear.
If you were to manage the area like a couple of pastures you could have them on green feed every couple of weeks letting the other areas recover in the mean time.
ghuys thans so much. i wont do it but just needed the info. i'm curious so thanks.. You all are my enablers !!! Thanx !
if you want to feed greens try the seeds in trays you can lift with a covering of what you guys call hardware cloth I think, small metal mesh, let it grow up long and then put it in the pens for them to desimate... the mesh will stop them from scratching out the roots, with a couple of these trays in rotation you'll have green pickings most of the time for them.
Don't waste your money.It will be green shortly then a dust bowl lol.My Layers We got back in march have totaly bared thier run even of thistle bushe's.I won't even get into the hundred's of free ranger's I have raised over the year's that Inaliated my flower's, the grass the duck and goose and turkey poo's.This year I have grass In my yard and some plant's and the bird's are OUT of yard.

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