Planting keets under broody chicken?


10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
I have the worst luck getting chicks! My second attempt has ended in failure, 10 guinea eggs, two half hatched and died, broody mommy to be is still sitting on the rest of the eggs and its 33 so I am beyond sure nothing is going to show up. Why do my hatches fail!?!?!?!? Maybe its the hen
!?!?!?! The chicken is still sitting! Do I pull her off the eggs and just lock the door so she can not get back or do I try to find some keets/chicks for her? Would it work to move the eggs out at night and put some keets in their place or would she just ignore them and let them die? Anyone had luck w/ this plan? I know I can't let her keep sitting on those eggs, they are not good and are likely getting into the explosion danger zone. Thanks in advance!
CDennis, placing chicks or keets under a broody is a crap shoot. Best to do it at night so as to stress her less and she wakes with them in the AM. BUT, you have to be there when she wakes as she may reject them and kill them all. If she is OK with them in the AM, then she will raise them just fine. You may have a problem finding chicks or keets 1-3 days old(younger the better) at this time of year. In any case do whatcha gotta do quick. Those eggs are already at explosion status. Good luck.....Pop
why did the hatched keets die? Were they being cared for by mom? I don't plan on letting a guinea hen set, unless I coop her and no free-range allowed for a few weeks. They are apparently very delicate babies and must not be allowed to get wet, which mom will not see to.
Me and incubators have never gotten along very well, but I do well with broody hens (chicken hens). My plan with my guineas is to fool them with wooden eggs for their first laying season and remove the eggs as they are laid and when a hen gets broody, allow her to do my incubating. They won't set, unless they have the amount of eggs they are satisfied with, so I can get a bunch of eggs out of them like with geese too.
I have recently found a few books on the subject. I find guineas interesting and a valueable member to any flock.
Thanks Pop. I was worried about the chickens, because my mom insisted thats what happened to one of her hives back in the day, but I have 4 hives in my yard to worry about and one is my dad's orchard, which they can't reach.......not yet anyway. The chickens didn't touch them, but I suppose the guineas might be more likely to, now that you mention it. Actually we flood here from time to time and I had planned on going very high up with my hives for water protection, but you might have given me something else to consider.

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