Planting roses bushes around a coop and run

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    I am drawing up plans for a chicken coop and run. I would like to plant roses in a hedge around the run and coop to provide shade, screening and extra "large" predator protection. I have 80 varieties of roses and several make really dense hedges that are armed with thorns. I also want to use large cobbles or flat rocks to prevent smaller predators from digging under the pen. Has anyone planted hedges or bushes of any type around their pens? Is this a good idea?
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    Nov 11, 2008
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    I've seen several kinds.. Someone was just talking about grape vines up on the run. Nothing wrong with doing it, so long as the run can support what ever growth is on it.

    Besides, rose blooms are edible.

    I'm planning on blueberry bushes flanking the back and may do grapes along the side.

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