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9 Years
Jul 13, 2010
Eastern, NC
My coop/run faces west... I would like to plant flowers around it and have a vine of some sort growing up the south side. Is there any best choices? What do I need to stay away from? Any great vining plants that are safe for chicken?? We are having a mums festival this weekend... are mums toxic?? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, advice??

here is a pic of my coop (Yes, I know... the wire isn't the best choice)
i recently planted some edible sunflowers to grow along the side of my run... hoping when the seeds are ready i can just shake them out and feed the chicks with them
I got trumpet vines growing around mine. The hens love to eat the tender leaves and it creates a cool shady place in the summer. I'm not sure planting vines is such a good idea though as they can be hard to get rid of if you change your mind.

How about mint or other herbs?
I say honey suckle is a great climber, and mums should be fine. We're building raised beds around ours and I'm going to plant strawberries. That way if there are some stray runners from the plants I don't have to pull them... the chickens will get them in the run!

We did pumpkins this fall... and there were several cucumber beetles and squash bugs on the plants... the infestation didn't get too bad, the chicken reach through and got a good bit of them!
All awesome ideas!!! I was just thinking flowers but fruits are even a better idea. Ooooooo now you all have my mind in a whole other directions... hmmmm i also love the smell of honeysuckles!! I don't expect my coop to get too smelly, but it sure would help
Mint is supposed to be a natural insect repellent -which is good around a home but you may not want to plant too much around the pen if you want your girls to get some tasty bugs... I love how it makes things smell around my house though!
The newest thing they are putting in the CSA produce shares are sweet potato leaves. Apparently they are edible as a green. They are easy to grown and definitely vine. Morning glories also vine and bloom prettily,but are an annual.
I just planted some colorful kale next to the coop. Not sure how that is going to work.

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