plants just for chickens?

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  1. tinaisodd

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    Jun 5, 2012
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    well, now that our run is complete I've been contemplating putting some type of foliage for the chicken on top of the fencing i have run underground to prevent predators from digging in, here is a crude paint drawing of what I'm trying to do...

    the black is the run skeleton the gray is the underground fencing and the green would bee the plants I'm trying to come up with.
    I'm just so lost as what to plant!

    and every time i see something i like i find out that it is poisonous

    any advice is welcome and greatly appreciated!

    so, what plants do your chickens like to eat/attract bugs the chickens enjoy?

    thank you in advance!![​IMG]
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    You can plant kale or spinach around the run, or even lettuce. It will attract bugs and worms as well. I'll have a think and see if I can come up with more suggestions...
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    These are similar ideas:

    From Sand Hill Preservation:Tasty Chicken Treats (click) Scroll about one-half way down the page.

    If you'd like to have summer shade: sunflowers.

    If you'd like a perennial pasture mix: check with your local farm supply store for appropriate varieties of alfalfa and clover.

    . . . and, I hope that helps [​IMG].

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    Go get "Free Range Chicken Gardens" by Jessi Bloom. I bought it for my Kindle. Lots of good ideas and beautiful pictures!
  5. tinaisodd

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    Jun 5, 2012
    new jersey

    thanks so much! i have to go to the feed store later this week for oyster shell so ill ask what they have that will work for my area, so excited for next spring, new plants, more chickens and some meaties! waahoooo [​IMG]

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