Plants next to coop run.


8 Years
Aug 5, 2011
Linden, Michigan
So I seen some pictures of coops with Sunflowers along the runs for shade. Since we are planting my garden this is something I want to do. I know that they are poisonous to chickens so how far away do I plant them or will they just not eat it?
I read in here they were. The seeds were fine but any of the leaves or stalks are. That being said, seeds are cheap. I dont have the money to buy bushes and such.
I use climbing roses, the old fashioned kind that will grow into trees to run over my fence topped run. They love the shade. The roses will go toward the morning sun. Gloria Jean
I don't think sunflowers are poisonous to chickens. Also, plant some comfrey for them. Maybe some thornless blackberries would be good depending on where you live.
I've planted thorned black berries. I figure the predators would have a harder time getting in. Is this wrong?

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