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    Mar 17, 2008
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    Any suggestions on good plants to put in my run and around the coop? I'd like to purdy it up but don't want to plant something that will kill my birds if they eat it.

    Any ideas on something fast growing and safe? I'm in NC..we have hot humid summers, mild winters...
  2. So far this year I've planted nasturtiums, sunflowers, snow peas, scarlet runners, pumpkin and squash. I also use marigolds and spearmint because they discourage some biting insects. I plan to sink some tomatoes and cukes nearby and to offer the birds fruit from the apple and pear trees occasionally. In your climate you might have success with cantaloupe or similar plants like watermelon.

    I suspect your birds will tear up anything placed in their run unless it can be planted just outside and allowed to climb in...[​IMG]
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