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    Jul 7, 2011
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    Hey everyone.

    I am going to move my ducks out of the chicken coop for nights because they are so fidgety and upset the hens all night. I decided this summer (that due to a red mite infestation) I would not buy any more timber products for my birds. So I'd like to get a plastic house for my ducks. The only thing is these are very expensive, and I set about finding an alternative. I came across plastic barrels. Some companies sell them ready converted, I am happy to convert one myself, it will be fun and I can design as I wish.

    Has anyone else used one of these? Are they warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer (nights only as free range during the day). If it works out I might do one for the hens too so they never have to experience the dreaded mites again. I would obviously fill with hay or straw for extra warmth in winter.

    My ducks would prefer to stay out all night, i'm sure, but I want to protect them from predators and keep them warm/dry.

    I can't find any reviews on them in terms of their suitability for poultry.

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