plastic cup holders on show cages

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    Apr 18, 2010
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    Well I was recently at our state fair and I noticed that their wire cages all had a little wire "U" that was holding a plastic cup. I thought that they would be awesome to put onto my wire cages for the winter because it would cut my cost down and I would be denting and ruining my nice metal cups that i use the rest of the year. If you have seen these available I would love to know where you saw them. Its just a very simple wire that you push the cup under and it holds a cheap plastic cup in place. Any help is greatly appericated.
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    I did see wires like you describe in a photo on line. Maybe you could contact the person who was exhibiting those birds and find more info.

    At least this will give you a bump.

    There are plastic 'cage cups' on line if you never find the wires.... they come in assorted sizes and colors too.

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