Plastic or wooden coop?? PLEASE HELP!!


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Jan 13, 2012
So, I have been looking at Eglu Cubes and just am not a 100% convinced that they are the best option. What is everyones favorite plastic coop and I was also wondering what are the best wooden coops?

I live in town and have six little 3 week old chicks and would like something that is easy to clean, looks nice and stays somewhat warm in the winter and vents well for the hot summers of Illinois.

I have a fenced in yard but the chickens will primarily stay within the run and coop. I have been looking on the internet for weeks and just can't tell what is quality and what is junk.

I would consider building something but I just don't have the time and will need it soon

Please help!

Much appreciated! - Will
First off, do you have any chicken predators around that you know of? Can the plastic iglu be screwed into the ground? I definitely would not recommend buying any commercial coops, they are over priced and they're very cheap quality (had personal experience). You could try to find a homemade coop on your local craigslist?

HS Pye
No natural predators than I'm aware of. We have a completely enclosed solid fence for our backyard. I have checked the local Craigslist and there really is nothing. I could screw the Eglu to the ground.
Yeah for right now I would just use a quality made eglu and screw it in the ground. But I still would recommend you to get a homemade or build yourself a coop if ever the opportunity arrives. But for now it will should do.

HS Pye
Most commercial wood coops are made of particle board or thin hardwood/softwood (very bad wood). The locks and roofs are poor quality and will soon break. As for plastic coops, besides eglues, I've never heard of them.

HS Pye
That is the only other kind of bigger plastic coop besides the Eglu that I can think of. Price wise, the manufactured coops tend to be really pricy, especially once you add in shipping. As HS Pye said the wooden kits are made of really thin wood and not something that should be used outside.
Have you considered getting a wooden shed and converting it to a chicken coop? Some places will deliver them already made, and you would get a lot bigger coop for the money. Or see if you can find someone in your area to build you a coop off of plans, there are a lot of plans available on BYC for instance.

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