Plastic over coop doors?


Apr 17, 2020
Geneseo, Illinois
We repurposed an old hog shed into our coop. Unfortunately the small chicken doors are located on the north side. Today it's snowing and blowing and the wind is blowing snow into the coop. I'm contemplating putting heavy plastic over the doors to slow down the wind and keep snow, rain out. Will chickens learn to go in and out of the door with plastic over it? Thanks for any advice or tips to keep it dry and warmer in my coop!
Do you have a picture you can upload?
Yes, they can learn to go thru flaps. I made these for our coop's pop door. I started training them by tacking most of the flaps open. Then as they got accustomed to it, I let more flaps down. Now, all flaps are down and they have no problem going thru them.
Sounds like a great idea! Thanks

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