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    Jan 26, 2013
    Just purchased used Little Tikes plastic playhouse..the one with the door and window shutters that close. Would love to hear from anyone that has converted one into a coop. We overpaid alot of money last year for a wooden coop with run attached that is just a wired in area with a ramp up to a square box with a small slide window for ventilation and two nesting boxes that stick out the back that my girls never use anyway. We currently have this old coop in a chain link fenced area that the girls have the run of. Hope to move the wooden coop out and move in our converted playhouse.
    I clean the wooden box everyday and I am sure that plastic will be easier. Please share any and all stories and experiences that you have had with converting this type playhouse. Thanks!
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    What an interesting idea! I just typed in a search in the BYC search bar - 'plastic playhouse' and there were several threads!! Sounds like lots of folks had the same idea. Give it looksy!
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    Plastic for us too!
    Read my reply here

    some of the little tykes stuff can get algae in between the plastic dril lots of drain holes.

    Shed on the left will soon be our latest a Chicken Coop shelter is for the birds to keep dry under and is our Straw and Hay store
    The Ducks will probably lay their eggs in it as well

    WIR is being made from 5 Heras Security fence panels 3.5M x 2M each and they join up with the shelter.

    Fence on the right goes into my field my birds free range all day so there will be a pop hole in there as well.


    this is the plastic duck house


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