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So since the "New BYC" has been around, several of us have noticed there is no way to purchase a platinum membership in the BYC store.
Some Platinum members "lost" their Platinum status as BYC changed over...and since I have searched to try & find out how does one get a platinum membership now ?

I have seen it in the Awards page...

So is Platinum membership only available as an award ?
And does a peep have to be "nominated" for a paltinum award ?

Appreciate any input to help others in this same position.
Thanks !!


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To clear some things up....

The PPM memberships have never been available in the BYC Store. As noted in the link elevan posted above, There are minimum requirements to qualify to be a PPM. The instructions are in that link.

When we changed over, I personally went through each PPM and made sure that their status was maintained through the switch in platforms. This is the first I have heard of anything like anyone "losing" their upgrade and we have been on this new platform, what? 5 months? I would think if there was really a concern here, I would have been sent a PM.

No one "lost" their PPM. If they didn't respond to my courtesy email alerting them that their membership was going to expire and didn't use the options I provided for renewal, then their membership was downgraded.

If someone is an "ex-PPM" then their membership time ran out and they chose not to renew.

So in short,
No one "lost" anything due to the BYC changeover.
Platinum Memberships are not available in the BYC Store and never have been.
The link elevan provided has all the info you seek for upgrading and the requirements.

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