Platinum Sussex behaviour and feather growth help


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Aug 7, 2013
So my 5 week old platinum Sussex (Who we suspect might be a rooster) has been acting a little out if character lately and being aggressive. While feeding the chooks from hand ( Whitch I do somewhat often) the others just peck the food but the platinum pecks at my hand and hurts me a little. Also it's feather growth seems odd, it has a row of feather stumps along its back and it's tail look a little lacking in feathers compared to the others(Might just be because its might be a rooster). Any advise would be appreciated thank you( these are the best pics I could get like I said its a little to aggressive).

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I have had the same problem with hard pecking from an occasional chicken. As for the feathering inquiry, my heritage RIR cockerels had similarly slow feathering than my pullets this year---it was pretty easy to predict their sex early because all of them did this and had short tail feathers.

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