Platte County, Missouri. Chickens Allowed?

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by slimslammy, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Oct 6, 2012
    Hello, all. I live in Unincorporated Platte County, Missouri. I am wanting to get a few chickens but I am not sure if it is legal here or not. I live just outside of Kansas City, MO. near Parkville, MO. I'm only a few miles from KCI airport. Technically my residence doesnt fall into Parkville or Kansas City but I can use either as my mailing address. I pay taxes as a resident of unincorporated Platte county. Ive tried the county website to search for the answer to this but I have not come across the answer yet. There is about 500 pages of documents to search thru! I was hoping someone on here would know the answer. If not I will just call the county courthouse and ask them. Im not planning on getting the chickens until spring anyways but I would like to get my coop built this winter if I could.


  2. (I'm not Janine) lol
    "janine says:

    chickens are not allowed in parkville city limits. i just called today.
    i’m also devastated to find out they are not allowed in the unincorporated part of platte county—–which is in the town of parkville zip code but has kansas city mo as the address. we have 8 chicks a week old and now we can’t keep them?
    i’m so sad. i’m thinking of having them
    anyway and see if i can get away with it. we’re just in love with these adorable chicks."

    posted June of 2012

    copy/pasted from:

    This is however, not an official government site, but a blog and chat it appears. I would still call and verify.
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    I don't know your exact circumstances, but I'd go ahead and get chickens if I wanted them. I confess, however, that I mind my own business, don't like folks sticking their noses in my business, and don't play well with others. I think way too many folks have allowed others to dictate whether or not they can have chickens. Honestly, are towns/cities in such great shape that the biggest problem they can find is to dictate chicken ownership? Sounds like Utopian towns for sure.
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    Oct 10, 2013
    I delivered ice cream with frosty treats last Spring 2013 in Parkville, & Platte CO for 2 months I seen 3 different properties selling eggs, & bought some. I found the coop has to be 100ft from neighbors house not their yard, other than your own for chickens. Your neighbor can sign a waiver if needed. Who wouldn't want fresh eggs from next door, the chicken poop makes a good fertilizer I also mentioned. Keep it clean, I live West of 169 by Waukomis Platte CO KC address also, you can appeal the zoning law at a hearing if needed. Look at the upcoming agendas on Platte CO's website, & get your appeal up there if you have an issue. Keep it and go all Platte County leave the city out of it. No complaints = no problems. There's a will there's a legal way. Some dwellings have all kinds of farm animals behind privacy fences, & in the open. In this economy, gov shut down, just
    do it.

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