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13 Years
May 29, 2010
Elgin, TX
Ok my first sizzles and they are 8 weeks maybe 9 weeks old. It is hard to for me to tell wich end is wich, but if you could find the beak and tell me what you think. I appreciate it. This first smooth sizzle I think is a boy, he has a pretty big comb and does much posturing. He is tiny

This next one I think may be a girl.



Then I know it is prob impossible but tell me if you see any boys in the blacks. There is one that has been slow to feather and he does much posturing with the smooth sizzle. thanks again



thanks I can get better comb pictures prob monday, what am I looking for? they seem to be kind of wide, somewhat bumpy, and wrinkly.How big would a boys be at this age? THanks
Most of mine had very small combs until they were almost full grown.. the hens had very small ones and the roo's had more wide and if they they had a single comb the roos had kinda long floppy combs and the hens had very tiny ones. I should be able to tell you for sure with comb pics.. the second black one I'm starting to think may be a roo too
Sorry these are sideways.

The first comb is the one that hasn't got all of his feathers in all it's back and he acts like a rooster with the smooth sizzle.

the second I don't know

the third had a single comb and I had to pull the feathers back to find it. I was looking at the smooth sizzle and although he has a big comb, this one's comb may get bigger further back I forgot to check. It looked small though
I'm goin to say the first 2 are boys and the one with the single comb could go either way.. give it a couple more weeks and see if it gets any bigger thats about the size of my full grown hens single combs
Ok I'll keep my fingers crossed and you updated. It's funny I hatched 4 frizzled cochin and all boys but 1 smooth girl and of all the sizzles that hatched the splash may be the only girl. I really hope i get one sizzle girl to keep. thanks again

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