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i found another playhouse on craigslist and want to renovate it to use as a coop. i hadn't thought it all out before buying it, but the entry door is only 32" tall x 18 wide - big enough for a chicken, and just barely big enough for me to crawl in on my hands and knees, and only if my sciatica is not flared up. It's 7' long (8' including the front porch overhang) and i'm picturing me crawling into that long thing every couple of days trying to clean up. Or heaven forbid i have a sick chicken in the back i can't get to. So i need some suggestions.

The roof was removed for transport. There is a support beam that goes lengthwise across the top of the house, then the two heavy roof pieces need to be bolted or nailed down. i initially thought i could hinge one side of the roof, but not sure that is feasible.

i thought maybe i could make one whole side into a barn door type of thing. That might be possible. Or use the back side as a large door.

i don't know. i'm not very talented when it comes to building, so welcome any and all suggestions on how to make this coop more user friendly.

Here is the front view. i liked the overhang, until i banged my back on it trying to crawl out of the door.

Those are the roof panels to the right. They're very heavy, and i need to tack down the shingles.

Here is the backside. Cute painting.

Here is the inside. Oh, the shutters on three side open up and i thought i would just cover with hardward cloth. The front has two plexiglass windows that don't open.
OMG, that is adorable! Are there windows on both sides? You could always hinge the backside of the coop and have that open to the left or right. Will you put nest boxes inside? You could build some onto one of the sides so that wouldn't take up so much room inside.
There are hinged windows on both sides and then the back. Haven't even thought out the inside yet, but definitely nestboxes, and along one side is a good idea. That way there will be lots of room to move around if they want to stay inside when it's cold or rainy outside. This will be for silkies so i won't do a perch, but maybe a ramp up to a shelf for those that want to be up higher.
I don't think it will work at all. Send it to me. LOL. Looks great actually, i think i would either hinge the back wall or the roof like the other post suggested. Great Score.
It is really cute. I would make nest boxes out the two side windows with hinged top for egg gathering, and put a double door on the back, the top of the door I would make where it has hardware cloth so you have ventilation but can also be closed with wood for cold. You may also want to replace the top window above porch overhand with hardware cloth for same reason. Keep us posted on how you decide to do it.

Great find

oops, spelling
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Don't sell yourself short, I'm sure you can do whatever you put your mind to when it comes to turning the playhouse into a coop. I don't have a 'handyman' husband either but it doesn't stop me from doing what I need to as far as building coops for my chickens, drywalling a room etc. If the weather cooperates somewhat today I am going to be reassembling a shed I took apart, and turning in into a coop as well. LOL
You'll have to keep us updated and please post some more pictures when you're finished!
Have fun transforming it!
Well, I can't figure out how to post a photo, but mine is similar to yours except it is raised up a couple of feet. I put a door on both short sides, one of which is almost as large as the whole side. You could put one on the side with the mural. I just cut out the plywood, then reinforced it with 1x2s on the outside edges. They are visible. I also but 2 2x4s up and down on the inside of the door, then put a window hinged on the side between them, so I see no problem leaving your two little windows or doors - you could reinforce the big door by on either side of them.
I took a lot of my ideas from a chicken tractor on this site, I think it is called Cluckingham palace. I think they used two doors that open together like french doors.
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