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    Some of you may remember last week where I bought a Playhouse at Sam's Club to use for a coop. It was a pretty good deal at $299.00 for basically a 4x4 coop. There is the porch that I am going to put shade cloth on the side and will make it about 5 1/2 feet by 4 feet. It need lots of modification for a coop. First I elevated it to make it easier to clean and gather eggs. The boards are not air or water tight so I used Tyvek house wrap on the inside to prevent drafts and leaking. I was lucky to be able to find someone who had just build on to their house and I bought 10 feet of the stuff. It is 9 feet wide. I went together pretty well and I only needed my husband to help me with the roof. C clamps came in handy. I put screen in the windows and the openings of the door. I also boarded up one of the door openings. the one under the porch is meant to be left open. I added a vent to that side for better air flow. I used the door there and stained some plywood to close the side door. I need to caulk it thoroughly. I will use Plastic sheeting over the windows during the winter.

    This little coop will be good for my few Welsummers or a quad of bantams.

    Knowing now what I did not know then. I would have just built one more of the hutch type coops I have done in the past. It would not have cost much more with Plywood prices down and I would have had more room and it would be more accessible. I can get inside this thing but just barely.

    It looks pretty nice and was a bit easier to do than my other ones.

    Here is the start, I know the floor is not completely level but it is pretty darn close.

    Walls go up


    The run will be 10 x 40 and that is my next project.

    In the second photo you can see parts of several of my other
    units. There are 7 in all the largest is 8x12.
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    Oh my gosh that is soooooooooooo cute!!!! Your chickens will love it. Man i wish i had seen that at Sam's club!!
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    How cute! I like my play house coop too, but I am having a tough moisture problem... I think the problem were because it contained Cornish x growing machines and rain every day. LOL

    About the cost and utility thing. I'd have to say mine is 99% cute and 1% useful.

    I'm only 5'2" so getting in and out of a play house is no problem for me. haha.

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