Playhouse Style Coop for Sale in Putnam County NY

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    For sale: 4 year old custom designed and built chicken coop and covered run. It was built with both function, appearance, and most importantly, SAFETY, in mind. We call it the Fort Knox of chicken coops, because no predators can get in there!

    The coop/run is 10 feet long, 4 foot wide, approx 8 foot tall at roof peak. The actual coop is raised off the ground to keep your chickens warm in the winter and is 4' by 4'. We decided to use clear roofing over the entire building for optimal light and egg production (but for this reason, recommend you put the coop in a shady place.) We kept four chickens in there very comfortably.

    Attached to the coop is a covered run. The run is roofed so that the chickens could still get outside in the wintertime. It is 6' by 4', not including the space underneath the coop. It is entirely enclosed by hardware cloth so that your chickens can stay safe from predators. The cloth is dropped below the run, so you can bury it for additional protection. There are locks on the "people door" to the run and on all chicken doors.

    The coop has a rounded bucket perch and a nesting box. The nesting box can be opened for easy cleaning. There is also an outside door to the nesting box for egg retrieval. The front of the coop has a small pop door (so the chickens can come in and out without losing too much warmth in their coop.) During the summer, you can open up the entire front wall of the coop so it stays breezy and cool. This also makes it easy to clean out the coop. The bottom has vinyl flooring so nothing sticks. Included is a removable bridge for the chickens to get down into the run.

    We also built a pop door on the bottom of the run, so that if you wanted to create additional pen space for your chickens, they can easily come in and out of the run. We will include about 40 feet of chicken fencing in the price, so you can create your own chicken haven! We will also include a waterer and hanging feeder.

    There are two windows in the coop. The one at roost level has removable plexiglass in front of it for winter. Both are safety-coated in hardware cloth for summertime. There is also a one inch ventilation space (covered in hardware cloth) around the roof line of the entire coop. This allows adequate ventilation during all seasons.

    You will need a truck to transport the coop. It can be separated into two pieces (coop and run) and then re-assembled.

    We spent $750 for this coop. So it's a steal! Please feel free to email questions. We are in Putnam Valley, NY.
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    I know this is an old post. Do you still have this available?

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