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Crossing the Road
12 Years
Feb 2, 2009
Southeast Louisiana
A couple of days ago, when I went to the coop to shut them in, about a half hour after sundown, I saw a possom in the coop. The chickens were quietly sitting on their roost, the possom was still on the floor, and I have not seen any harm done to them, so I was lucky to get there in time.

My Mommy warned me I could lock something in the coop with them if I wasn't careful when I locked them up at night. She was certainly right. So I suggest you look inside pretty closely before you lock that pop door. Please note my chickens were quietly sitting on their roosts with the possom on the floor. Don't count on your chickens to give you any warning.

I could not get a good back swing with the shovel in the coop but I was able to shovel him out into the run. He went limp and played possom when first struck. He did get up and try to get away once I got him in the run, but they are fairly slow and I could get a good backswing out there. So I guess another warning. Don't be fooled by them playing possom.


Opa-wan Chickenobi
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May 11, 2008
Howell Michigan
I too have had an experience with opossums playing possum. One winter night, several years ago, I heard my two Jack Russell terriers fighting something. Forgetting that I was only wearing a pair of sweat pants I ran out into the snow to check with. I discovered them hanging on to a "dead" possum. I quickly grabbed it and headed uphill to the trash dumpster. Holding it high overhead, as the dogs kept jumping trying to grab it, I was suddenly aware that it wasn't dead. As I tried to throw it down it locked on to my arm. Now I had two dogs trying to get it, the possum clawing my arm and trying to bite me. In my attempt to sling it off my arm I slipped in the snow and wound up rolling on the ground with 3 sets of snapping teeth. Moral of the story never pick up a "dead" possum.


10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
South Alabama
Oh, no...not a good idea...those possum teeth are some of the evilest teeth around. I'm glad you wrote "trying to bite me" as that sounds like it never did get a mouthful of you. They're not the most hygenic critters, either.

BTW, don't ever put a "dead" deer that you hit on the road in the trunk of your car, either.



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Aug 21, 2009
one year we had possums and i mean a lot of possums
i was youger and i saw my dog brought one in the yard so i picked it up by the tail. as i was walking i noticied it was looking at me suddenly it hissed and snapped at me!now i never trust possums are (dead).


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Jun 18, 2009
East Tennessee
Most any pred I caught would end up gutted and laid open in the run for my chooks. Not sure that I would let them dine on possum or skunk tho.
Snakes, coons, coyotes, ferrets, weasels, rats, would be chook treats.


In the Brooder
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Jan 5, 2010
a possum came in my coop the other night it attacked one of my sweet little silkie hens,she was weak from sitting for 20 days and therefore was not on the roost with other chickens anyway for some reason the 3 silkies snuggle together at night away from other chickens,but she got hurt he bit mostly around her head i doctored her up the best i knew how but shes not eating well we had to force food and water down her this morning and her eyes are swollen i applied a little peroxide to the wounds and asmall amount of triple antibiotic ointment ant suggestions for treating her? shes so sweet! such a good mama too! and how do i kindly rid of the pest the chickens are free range and close them up for night possum was in coop before it was closed up when we went to close it up the vermin snuck in and the girls were letting us know it too!!!!

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