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    I don't usually play a lot of games on my PS3 because I rarely have time. I mostly use it for watching movies and netflix. There is one particular game I've been playing for a while now and I was planning to finish it during some (rare) free time this week. Sure enough, I go to turn on the game and about five minutes into the game, the whole system shuts off. It shuts off as if it has been unplugged. No blinking lights or anything. The only thing I did with it that day was leave it running on the main game menu for about a half hour while I went and ate lunch. The system was warm, but not significantly so. Not sure what is going on.

    Netflix still seems to work. It shuts off when I start up any game or movie (both dvd and blu-ray). I chatted with someone from the company and they pretty much said either try a different power cord or send it back. I've only had the system since last christmas, so it is not even a year old. I've tried reformatting the system among a few other things and no change. I have not tried an alternate power cord because I do not have one, but when I visit my brother this weekend, I think I will bring it to try that. I'm thinking that won't solve the issue though.

    If I can find the receipt, I have the option to send it back. The problem is that it was a christmas gift and I'm not sure my parents know where to find the receipt. I've been told sending it in often leads to more issues so I'm not so sure I should do this even if I can find the receipt. My only other option other than this is buying a new system, which will run me about $250-$300. It's not exactly money I wanted to spend, but I really miss having it for movies and to play my game.

    I just feel that something not even a year old should have these problems. I also feel that sending it back will be more of a pain than it's worth, and I may not even get MY system back. I could potentially get someone else's refurbished system with other issues back.

    Anyone have any experience with this, or any advice? If I could, I would probably just buy an xbox360, but they don't offer the blu-ray player and all of my game saves are in PS3 format.

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