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May 22, 2015
Buying a dozen ring necked pheasant chicks today. I have the early brooding part down, but need some advice on dealing with them when they are feathered out. I raised a small flock some years ago, but when they were released onto the property, they promptly disappeared in all directions. Is it their nature or did I not handle them enough? My goal is to raise them around the chickens in an aviary, then release them at the end of the season. I'd like them to stick around the property...15+ acres of mixed open field, pond and lots of tree/brush cover around the whole place. Is it even possible to semi-tame them? My last bunch was ridiculously flighty, even though fully hand raised from day old chicks. thanks for any advice!
P.S. DUHHHH! that was, 'pheasant' not 'pleasant'...although it would be nice if it was both. lol
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