Pleasant surprise at Lowe's


12 Years
Dec 18, 2007
Catawba County, NC
I was looking over the gardening section and lo and behold, they now carry DE! A 1lb. bag was almost $5, which is a bit pricey, but hey, at least they have it now. And the cost could be worth it if you factor in shipping and convenience. I think it's a good sign that a product like DE is being carried by a major store like Lowe's. They sure didn't have it last year!


Chicken Beader
11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
NW Kentucky
I just got off the phone with Lowe's headquarters. they do NOT carry food grade DE!

They carry two varieties in their garden is tagged as safer but neither is food grade. specifically there is a warning on the label telling you not to put it in water or food sources.

Please please check your bag carefully. If it does not say Codex food grade on it. DO NOT use it. I called them just to find out before I drove 2 hours to get some.
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