Please Advise! Our whole flock are egg eaters!!

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    May 19, 2011
    Hi, I know there are many chickens eating eggs posts out there, but before we send our whole flock to the freezer I thought I'd ask for advice.

    We know our chickens are eating their eggs and have been trying many things for over a week to stop it. We've actually seen some of them lay an egg and then reach under and start eating it before they even get up off the egg. Most of the flock has dried egg yolk in their combs and on their faces. We created rollaway nesting boxes that have worked somewhat, but some of the chickens just lay right on the ground and devour the egg as soon as it is laid.

    We've switched their feed, given them plenty of calcium, they have lots of room though they are inside for the winter and usually get to free range. There are 20 chickens in 160 sq ft so from what I've read that is plenty. They have lots of feed plus oat, wheat, barely pea hay to scratch around in. They get table scraps with tons of greens and vegetables. We put grit down for them to scratch. They get sunlight through our shop windows and also artificial light.

    These ladies are not even a year old yet and did great laying up until about 2 weeks ago. It took us a week to figure out why the egg production went down. We really don't want to kill the whole flock and would appreciate any advice anyone might have for something we could try. Also, we have new chicks coming in about a week and would like to kow how to prevent this from happening for future birds because the time and energy we've put into this flock seems like a huge waste at this point...

    Thanks in advance

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