Please allow backyard hens in Starke, FL


May 14, 2015
I started gardening as a hobby and fell in love with the simple way of producing food in my backyard. I am horrified by the thought of spraying manmade chemicals on the food I grow and eat. As I looked into organic gardening practices it seemed obvious that backyard hens are extremely beneficial to small gardens by way of controlling pests and fast tracking the composting process. I was shocked to discover that it is against city codes to keep backyard hens. I would like to petition the city to allow backyard hens within the city limits of Starke. Locally, the city of Gainesville, allows up to six backyard hens at this time.

Please visit to sign the petition!

"To: Starke City Council
We, the undersigned, would like the right to keep backyard hens in Starke, Florida. We would like to change the city ordinance to allow a limited number of hens to be kept on private property within the city limits. We believe that keeping hens is a healthy, economic, and sustainable way to feed and enrich our families and our communities. We believe that our food and yard waste would be reduced by our backyard hens. We believe that insect pests in our immediate area would be reduced as well by the hens. We believe that our city was founded upon agriculture and a simple way of life. We would like the right to honor our founders by practicing their ways.
The Undersigned"

If you do not live in Starke, FL you are unfortunately not eligible to sign.

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