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    ok Yall first I wanna thank Yall for all the good info that I have got posting questions on here. my question is I got a turkey at the feed store when I got my chicks and this turkey is about 4 mo. old and when we put the in the tractor together I put turkey first then all the hens well this turkey stuck its nose down to it chest and flitted all feathers fanned its tail out I mean beautiful strutting around and all and has a small group of hair coming out of chest that fills like brillo pad lol so we think its a tom my friend said there tail to. ( I have never seen that ) I can't upload a pic cause I do all this from my phone and I don't see the option. the only other thing is I have never heard him/her gobble only a tweat and some other weird noise. he was from mcmurry hatchery and is a wild turkey ? please help. is it to young to gobble ?
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    The turkeys of mine that we think are girls do strut some. But the ones we think are girls don't have the brillo bit on their chest. It sounds like it is very possible you have a male on your hands, but maybe someone with more experience will say otherwise. I've only been at this a few months myself. [​IMG]

    Oh mine are 4 months old, too. They don't gobble for real yet, but they do make a funny sound that probably will turn into a gobble. It sounds like laughing.
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