please awnser QUIK my chick with hurt foot!

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  1. HELP!!! my 2 week old baby chick hurt its foot what do i do? her/his name is moose and moose can barely walk any suggestions or opinions what should i do. i feel so bad for her/him. please reply quikly thank you so much if you have anwnser. do you think he/she will be ok? i am so sad my chick is hurting. [​IMG]
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    More info please. Is it an open wound or more like a sprain? One thing for sure - limit its mobility in a dog cage or cardboard box. Make it comfortable with food and water and heat. Try to keep it near but not with the others or it will get panicky.
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  3. here is more information not an open wound. it is a sprain or break the little guy is with a moma and i can not take her away from the mom they will both get upset do you think he/she will need a bandage or anything to help heal or make it feel better?
  4. Moose is all better now he/she seemed to be in alot of pain before I glad Moose is better!
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