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Jun 10, 2009
I brought home 3 chicks from the local school which I were told could be any number of different breeds. Two I have appear to be the same with black with brown edged wings, combs are dark colored. They have white down the front of their chests and down their tummies. They are developing really pretty reddish brown stripey feathers here and there. They have nice tails sticking out that don't really show in the pics.

The white one has a comb developed that is a bit pink. He is larger than the dark ones and has a very short tail. I refer to him as HE but would love if he was a SHE so I could keep him.

Any ideas what I have? These are my first chickens, so I could REALLY use your help. Thanks!




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I don't know enough to give you an answer, but they are cute! Maybe it will be easier in a couple more weeks. Anyone have any ideas?
REally? The black one a roo and the white one a pullet? I would have thought the opposite!
Those baby crests or tophats mean they're out of my familiar breeds.

The black with red/brown will change color a LOT here shortly - those are juvenille feathers - no real reflection on adult feathering.

As to which crested or hatted breed they are - you've got me, I don't know them well enough.

Since they're not five toed, dark or black skinned, they're not silkie mixes.

More pics as they age is the only help for it.
I would guess they are both polish. The black one may be a golden-laced. As stated earlier, their feathers will change as they age. Update the pics when you see a change in the black one.
I will have to post some current pictures. The white one continues to redden more on the comb and I heard a loud screechy sound twice this morning that I think may have been a crow from one of them?! I took them outside today one by one, as our coop and run are not built yet, and the white one scavenged around happily in the yard, while the black ones kept jumping up on my lap or shoulder to be near me. So sweet!

Also, one of the black ones has a more prominent comb, though not red or pink, really. I'm hoping for at least two girls out of the 3!

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