PLEASE breed and sex of these 4 week olds?


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Jun 10, 2009
I have 3 chicks from the local school that were a mixed bunch. Two I have are the black with brown edged wings, combs are dark colored. They have white down the front of their chests and down their tummies. They are developing really pretty reddish brown stripey feathers here and there.

The white one has a comb developed that is a bit pink. He is a bit bigger than the dark ones and has a very short tail.

Any ideas what I have? These are my first chickens, so I could use your help. Thanks!




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Sorry I didn't post a picture of the white one's legs. I'm glad to have any input, but this white one does not look like the sultans I looked up. My white one only has feathers half way down the leg and then the legs and feet are yellowish-tan with a bit of pink toward the toes.
Yes, they do. The white one is puffier on the top of his head, the black ones have more of a straight line of feathers sticking up on their heads. This developed pretty recently on the black ones. They are a few days older now than in these pics.

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